About mono-catalog

Hi, thank you for visiting.
Mono-catalog is a blog site for myself to record what we did to start a K.K. (Kabushikigaisha), and also for me to share my ‘limited’ knowledge and experience to all those who are interested in starting a K.K. in Japan. Starting a company may seem easy (that’s what people tell you), but there are many processes, documents, and further documents that need to be submitted before you can start focusing on your business. I hope the information posted here will aid others into starting their own companies.

Oh, and about the domain name not being very intuitive, I just happened to have this domain available when I decided to write this blog. 


I am a British born Hong Kong Chinese, and I have been living and working in Japan since 1998.
I have worked in schools teaching English (yip, did that and enjoyed it, but had to move on), and then various IT engineering positions in foreign and Japanese companies in Tokyo.

As for my Education, I studied Chemistry in the UK, but never touched the subject after graduating.
I also have an MBA, where I studied during the weekend while working during the weekday (it was a tough two years). It was the MBA that started me off to try my hand at entrepreneurship. With many business tools under my belt (and an awfully lighter wallet), I decided it was now or never to start a business myself. I was lucky to find 3 friends who shared the same passion as me, and together we worked together to build a business plan for an IT service that we thought would make people happy.

I left my full-time job in Nov. 2012, and incorporated our company in Dec. 2012.
This blog covers the steps and processes, advice I read from books, advice from accountants and various entrepreneurs that I have received when I started our company (with very limited capital). Also, this blog cover topics that are NOT covered in my MBA course (I cannot say if other MBA courses or schools teach the detailed processes), so hopefully it will be helpful for those who are a bit lost.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information posted is solely from my own experience and is not legal or accounting advice.