Monthly Archives: February 2013

Photo of plum blossom

Find an accountant

Finally, the company is registered and incorporated (phew! and a big pat on the back to myself for getting all the paperwork submitted). Our next task was to find an accountant….

Stained glass from the Little Prince Museum in Hakone

The Legal Affairs Bureau

The big day, the visit to the Legal Affairs Bureau (法務局 – houmu-kyoku). This is the day that the company will be incorporated. We chose the date carefully (we didn’t do…

Photo of the Tokyo skyline

Show us the money – Paid-in Capital

During the preparation of the Teikan, we also prepared the documentation to show we had the capital (the paid-in capital) to start our business. This was the Certificate of payment…

Picture from a traditional Japanese garden

We’re off to see the Notary Office

Once the Teikan (Articles of Incorporation) is ready, it’s almost time to visit the Notary Office (公証役場 – koushou-yakuba). But wait! before that, there’s more paperwork! A Letter of Commission (委任状 –…